Monday, October 15, 2012

Would Ya Look At It

Look closely. You can walk through a forest and miss seeing a tree. You can walk through a crowd of people yet never know the individual. You can go through life and forget to live.
Be grateful. Look at the details. The layers of bark. The twist of a branch. The way colors of the sky change the everyday landscape. The way actions and emotions of humans can be portrayed in opposites. Anger can be a scream for help. Idleness can be depression. Over talkative, can be lonely.
Study your surroundings. Absorb life. See the angles of light casting shadows. Watch the movements. Feel with more than your fingers. Listen to whats being said in whispers.There are so many underlying currents that we can easily overlook.
The spirit of our world is there. You just have to remember to look at it. And laugh a little too.

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