Friday, October 5, 2012

Setting Goals ( Eww )

Lets talk about setting goals. That sounds so restrictive for a creative artist as about we change it to "building your dreams."
I am a believer in the power of our thoughts. I think that a thought can become a reality in time.
So in order to become the artist, we must first believe that we can. I use the word believe very loosely because we may be riddled with self doubts and old criticisms but we can change that with a little brain washing. Allow yourself the fantasy of being the money making artist. See your art flying off of the shelves. Believe that your art is good. Believe in yourself. Or at least fake it until you do!
I try to convey thoughts of peace and love within each piece of art that I create, in hopes that that very feeling will be felt when someone looks at it or touches it. Because who doesn't need a little peace and love?
Again the God is in the details. Imagine where you want your works to be displayed. And dont let yourself become overwhelmed. Make it fun. Dream. Dream BIG!
Now you can begin taking your first step. Create something. Create something that you love. And remember to practice "dreaming" as often as you can.

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