Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hippy Thoughts

I think a very important part of creativity and life is the path of least resistance.
Going with the flow. The way that life goes has so much to do with how your interpreting it. The world can come crashing down around you and you can still be ok.
I may sound like an old hippy with all of the peace love and happiness mantra, but maybe hippies had the right idea and the roots that they established were correct.
Hippies found happiness through protest, drugs, communal living and free love. Sound good to you? Lets compare. Shall we?
We need people around to laugh and share our ideas with. They are the mirrors of who we are. Buying local and taking care of your friends and neighbors is good. And expressing our values through action, also good.
Drugs..well they aren't all that they are cracked up to be. The temporary escape they provide is only met with addiction and a far more difficult task at dealing with reality when the time comes. Eventually you do have to deal with reality. But creating your reality does require some brain cells. Lets have a  moment of silence as I grieve the loss of many of mine....
Love, maybe the most important of all. To love one another, to love yourself. Part of finding the easy path is to love and forgive. Acceptance makes it all possible.
When we are fully able to accept people and situations, our resistance will diminish.
I still have daily struggles and I don't float on a cloud of happiness all of the time.
I still have those days that are longer than an old mans ear hairs. Knowing is one thing. Doing is another.
Art can take you to that zen place. By viewing it or doing it. When I am up to my elbows in paint, the cares of the world just go away. I can get into the flow..that meditative state, where there are no thoughts. Just being. Feeling right. The physical part becomes easy and time goes by so quickly. Getting to this place, takes some practice. When I walk up the stairs to my studio, I go with intent. And I leave behind the constraints of the world.
So never let creating be a struggle or a stress. Let it be a release. And open your mind to what comes from a higher place.

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