Monday, October 1, 2012

The Beginning

In the beginning God created.....and so can you!
When you were small, did you draw on the walls? Did you doodle your way through school? Well, so did I.

I loved kindergarten. I remember the giant paint shirt and the easel, the giant pad of paper and the tempura paints that oozed down uncontrollably in fabulous colors!

I don't know why, but I was really into ducks. every day, ducks ducks and more ducks. Mother ducks leading baby ducks. And they all had a little sprout of hair on top of the head. I was so proud of my works. And I wanted to share the joy with everyone! I was the duck maker and no one could stop me!

Think back as far as you can, to the time when you first experienced art. Relive the joy that art has given you. Think about who you were. The simplicity of it all. The freedom of expression that you had.
Think of the details. The colors, the weather, the feelings that you had. Go over it all in your mind.
This is where we begin to find your inner artist.
What did you like to draw as a child?

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