Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Color Outside Of The Lines

Art can be fun. Really. Its seems the older that we get, the more we over analyze
and seek perfection and worry about anything and everything. We get stuck in routines and do as we are trained and forget to express. I made a rule for myself. In each piece that I create, I allow flaws. Yep, I said it. I purposely allow imperfections. Not just in art, but in life. A stain on a shirt. Paint on my fingers. A head of hair out of place. Ever have a good hair day without even touching your head? Well, it can happen. If you let it. Just like great things can happen if you allow some room in your ridged ways of thinking for them to enter in. Its not always easy to let go of the "color inside of the lines" mind set. I challenge you to explore your freedom. Do something wrong on purpose. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but eventually it will feel very much like taking off a tight pair of shoes. I took off mine about 20 years ago and never put on another pair of binding, painful, fashion forward shoes again. Now I wear not so pretty, but oh so comfy Crocs. 
Mistakes can be beautiful and lead to great things. Allow them. 
Lets get to the fun part. throw some paint on your canvas.Try colors that you have never opened. Paint with your fingers. Drop things from a tall building (please not on anyone head). Just do something that generates that giggly feeling that you could get as a kid. It doesn't have to be art, its can be a adventure found during the drudgery of Walmart shopping. Throw on a gorilla halloween mask to wear through the banana section of the store. Just allow some fun to come. A bit of embarrassment can help you grow in leaps and bounds. Don't get arrested. But do have fun. 

                          I painted this one on a day that I was feeling free.

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  1. You are not only a great artist but also an inspiration...