Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Removing The Blocks

So how do you rid yourself of the doubts? As with anything, it takes training.
Some pray. Some Meditate. Some do affirmations. I think what counts, is doing what you love. When you fill a room with light, the darkness goes away.
Lighten your load. Take a walk. I enjoy laying in the grass on a sunny day. Or standing on a cliff watching the horizon, feeling the wind on my face. Or sunsets. That daily miracle can be easily ignored in our busy lives if we don't take some time out to breathe in life.
Self awareness is important. You can replace a negative thought with a positive one if you pay attention. Sometimes it just takes the act of doing to prove to ourselves that we are worthy. We learned to stand up and walk from a crawl. Yes, we fell down many times. But now we can run!
A simple exercise can help. Get into a relaxed state. In your mind, fill a box with one of your doubts or troubles. Close the lid and Toss the Box into the river and watch it float away. It may sound like pure imagination, but your brain wont know the difference. And you just might feel better.
How can you be creative when you feel like crap? Well, for me, music helps. And setting up an area that you can let the paint fly and surround yourself with a few of your favorite things. (Did that last sentence make you hear the music?)
My other inspiration stands just outside of my window. A room with a view helps.

Your sanctuary is a place that you escape to to create. Just as a church can be a place of peace.You go there with the proper mind set. Make your sanctuary your special place of peace and creativity. Bring in things that inspire you.Twinkle lights, candles, photos, flowers, fabric.Whatever works for you. But most importantly bring in your mind set. What inspires you the most?

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