Saturday, October 20, 2012

Gallery Approach

How to approach a gallery.
If your doing it through email and they do not state how they want you to present your work, ask. Some may want a Cd of your works. Some may want photos.Some might want your signature in fresh blood. Lets hope not!
You will most likely be starting locally. So, a phone call or email should do. Tell them who you are and ask for an appointment to present your art. I always scout out my location so that I feel comfortable when I return.  Try to be prepared and look professional. Don't act like a diva. Be yourself. If accepted, allow yourself some time to look over any contracts if any and make a good decision. Some may try to own you and restrict you from entering other surrounding areas or even want you exclusively. If you don't understand it or you get that creepy feeling in your stomach, ask for a couple of days to look it over before make a decision.

It may help you to have a set acceptable percentage in your mind. You know what you need to cover your time and pay for your supplies. They may or may not be able to "bend" a bit for you. Nothing is ever set in stone. The gallery is most likely judging if they can make money by representing you. So take that into factor.
If they are in a great location with a huge amount of foot traffic, you may benefit from accepting a smaller percentage just to get in. Shop around. Believe in yourself. And good luck!

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