Friday, October 12, 2012

Mr. Yuckies

I once went to a museum that had a pretty disturbing room full of not so good or tasteful art. I thought, "why did they let this guy have a giant room to display whatever he wanted?" (including his naked butt)  Why was a reputable museum choosing to take on this weirdo? I could hardly walk around the room. I speed- gawked at pieces that looked like they were constructed during some bad drug trip with material that must have been found from under his drooling chin when he awoke from his nap. It felt plain icky. I found it hard to enjoy the other parts of the museum and shake that creepy feeling. We all talked about it afterwards with a shutter. "Why? Why!!!?" I asked. 
Then it hit me.
This guy made me feel something. He provoked thinking. Hmmm....was he actually 
good? Nahhh....couldn't be. But I kind of get it now. How art is everywhere. Even in the uncomfortable places. And to tell you truth, that naked ass, creepy art, inspired me. I thought,"well if they can let Mr. Yuckies in this place and give him  a month long display, they maybe I could do this." Yes, even bad art inspires. 
And he did get his point across very clearly. And his points were good. It really isn't so easy to express emotion and views through your art. So, kudos Mr. Yuckies, for making us feel and think.

*The names in this post have been change to protect the identity of the subjects mentioned. There really is no Mr. Yuckies so don't bother to Google him.

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