Saturday, October 27, 2012

Magic Distraction

It is easy for us to lose our creative juices and become distracted by outer influences.
Today, I never made it up to the studio. It was beckoning me, but I just could not tear myself away. You see, I made this discovery. I had heard about it but had never actually held one in my grubby little hands until today. The Magic Eraser!! This is not a paid infomercial but I may sound like one. I was going from pans, to the sink, to the cabinets talking to myself. Saying in my best Australian accent, "OMG OMG this thing is friggin amazing". I am no clean freak. I am more the mad scientist type. But I found great pleasure in this squishy little white thing.  Ladies, if you want your house clean, buy your husband (or wife) one of these babies. Once you start, you cant stop!
I guess its ok to let yourself wander on occasion.  It makes the return to the canvas so much more pleasurable when you finally become reunited.

If you have wandered too far from your art, and are not ready to brave the traffic or bad weather to visit your local museum, please enjoy a tour of my virtual gallery .Get inspired. And perhaps create one of your own.

Virtual Gallery

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