Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Dying Art

I love living in the modern age of technology. All the world of information at your fingertips. New gadgets and gewgaws being released into the world, brings about that childhood feeling of Christmas. Waiting in long lines and being forced to wait with our faces pressed eagerly against the glass. Think of the things that you accomplish if you could only get your hands on that new iGlad phone! We want it and we want it NOW! We have become a society of highs and lows were we throw away perfectly good things for the next best thing. Can art survive this "too busy to recycle or darn a sock society?"

Golden Rose By © Beatriz Socorro

Where Does art fit in? Can we still stop to smell the roses? I say YES WE CAN!
Now art is everywhere and just about anyone can do it. We have been gifted with endless platforms and opportunities that few have ever had before. It has become affordable and accessible. As long as we don't get caught up losing quality for and easy sell.  I see this happening in movies and tv shows that follow the same boring format because it sells. Boy comes to city. He struggles. Meets a quirky girl.They love. They fight. Life sucks. Maybe toss in a puke scene for shock value.(ugh)They make up. Que touching music and they pan out and away into the sky. Blah!
I think that we can do better. Not that I am going out to today to buy a production company, but I have my right to an opinion.
The glorious world of art awaits you. Beckoning you to explore its capabilities.
Become the critic, the artist, the adventurer, the voyeur. Dip into new modalities that you have never tried. Press buttons that you are unsure of. Most likely nothing will detonate.

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