Monday, October 8, 2012

Start Sleuthing

Keep your eyes open. There is a whole world of art hidden in the least obvious places. You found this blog, so you must be pretty good at seeking and finding. Lets start by looking around the space that you sit right now. What do you see that can be an art inspiration? From where I sit, I can see several of my own art pieces. Some are finished, some not so finished and collecting dust. I see an old drum and guitar and seashell. 
Ok, if your sitting in an office cubicle you might not feel too inspired at the moment. But look closely. Art can be as simple as that paperclip on your desk that can be bent into a shape. Even better...a window!
My whole point being that that very fact of thinking of art will begin your momentum forward.
I began my sleuthing on the internet. I typed in, "how to become an artist."
Maybe you did too. I searched tons of stuff:

  • how to make money as an artist
  • how to approach a gallery
  • Google maps, local galleries
  • top selling
  • what to charge for art
  • where to sell art
  • art supplies
  • how to
and on and on and on....
So eventually with the blog, I intend to share with you what I have learned.
And I welcome you to share what you have learned.
I suggest visiting your local galleries museums and craft events. Look at placement, and prices, traffic flow. See what best suits your style. Seek a place that you feel that you might belong. Be it and art in the park, of a grungy ally with an easel and spray can. Ask questions. Seek the answers. Art is all around you.

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