Saturday, October 13, 2012

Portrait Of A Poet

Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe the good things that others have to say about you and your work? I never used to. I thought people were just being nice.
I still to this day have to prove it to myself over and over. As if the confidence that I had last week fades away and I hear those old evil little voices echoing doubts.
Today I want to paint for you a portrait of a poet. As beautiful as can be. Full of vibrancy. She was greatness to me...
I once had a friend that I used to play guitar and write music with. She was one of those people that I felt was an extremely special gift to the world. I called her Poet, because that was who she was. She could fill your mind with visions with deep emotions from her rhymes and rhythms  Have you ever met someone that you just felt honored to know because they were just that great? Like if this person were put into the pages of history, they would certainly be idolized by the masses? She was an intellect and musician like no other. I witnessed her greatness. I saw it in her poetry. I heard it in voice. I was taken back by her ability to learn and lifted by her songs. She could play guitar better than the famous ones. She was sensitive and caring.
Abruptly my Muse was gone.
My poet took her life. Took herself out with the pull of a trigger. She didn't realize who she was. I know many had told her, but she didn't believe it. My soul was crushed. I felt like I was the one that had been shot.
I still grieve her regularly with every strum of the guitar and stroke of the pen.
How could she not have known her greatness? It was so obvious to me.
What did she leave behind? Her words. Her songs. But mostly, she was a mirror to my soul. Could I be like her? Am I created in the image of God and not knowing Gods greatness?
Am I a special being that can make an impact on this earth?
Are you? Now I am your mirror.
You are. Allow it and be grateful. Reflect.

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