Saturday, November 10, 2012

Whats Your Style?

Still trying to develop your style?
What makes you unique? Well, the answer is YOU!
Don't worry so much about what sells as much as what feels right to you.
When you discover the artist within, people will recognize that and you will draw attention to your work. If blue is the color that feels good to you, paint blue.
If you are drawn to bugs and fashion, then paint a bug stomping down a runway in a fabulous couture gown. No matter how silly, or off the charts, ignore the critics and do what you love. The more that you express your inner emotions and passions, the better your art will be. Be open to suggestions and experiments. Be aware of the "ah ha" feeling that you get when its right. Create with intent. Do you have a message to send out to the world? What are you trying to say? Who are you? What do you want to reveal? 

                                              My Contemporary Blue

Open yourself up to what is quietly offered from above. There is a flow of energy. I like to call it the "God flow." There are many names for it. The name is not what matters. Awareness does. It comes in a faint whisper. The more you focus on it, the louder it becomes. If you allow it to flow, you will find empowerment, inspiration, guidance. You will find you. The you that God intended you to be. The you that doesn't worry or feel insecure. The super you. 
You can hear the message, yet still not trust in it. Its so easy to slip back into our habits and to remain frozen in fear. Trust plays a large part in becoming. We must trust in ourselves. I am not saying to give up all free will and follow blindly. Just allow good things to come in their own time, and they will. 

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