Monday, November 5, 2012

Get Moving!

Art is an amazing way to make a living. For me, its a dream come true.
Of course you can think of a million other things in your life that need done. Your laundry piles up. Your grass grows and you do have to eat. Like with any task that needs accomplished, it may take discipline. Make time for your dreams to come true. Perpetual motion is defined as "a state in which movement or action is or appears continuous and unceasing."

In order to get in motion and stay in motion, you must DO! So you have dreams of making it big? Then you must train and retrain your brain and body to get busy! Routine is good. Some work better at night. Some sprint and rest. Some work slow and steady. Find what works for you and DO! Like with any new routine or life change, it may feel like a struggle at first. Then in time we can do it almost with our eyes closed. It becomes automatic and natural. What we do on a regular basis begins to feel right. Make art a habit and your goals can be reached with ease.