Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Spiritual Artist

So often the subject of spiritualism is avoided like politics or religion.
So today I wish to speak a bit on the unspoken.
The world is full of unseen energies. There is a current that runs through us like electric through wires. That current can be felt by some. Others, can hear colors as song or see what cant be seen by all. Some receive visions. We all have gifts that can be developed. The world is full of mysteries and undercurrents.
Often with great art, people purchase the artist not just the art. They are drawn not just to their work but to who they are, what they represent, their back story, their spirit.
So perhaps the idea of becoming a great artist has more to do with who you are than just what color paints that you use or your application techniques. I also believe that
our creations relay what we put into them, kind of like a speaker projects music.

Meditation is a good tool for developing the "inner artist". It is also a way to unleash your creativity.
We can allow ideas to come rather than struggling to invent them. This can be accomplished by first asking for what you want. Then, relaxing and becoming the blank canvas. Breathing deeply can help you relax. A focal point can keep your mind from wandering. While searching for a video that could assist you in meditating, I happened upon this one. I found myself getting tears in my eyes because of how beautiful it felt.

"Sri Chinmoy was not only a prolific spiritual master, he also was an astonishing artist, working from within and renouncing any concept of the mind. This video is a tiny selection of his immense artwork that consists of more than 100,000 acrylic paintings and millions of so-called soul-bird drawings. Plunge into this visual feast of colors and forms... meditate with them and enjoy them!"

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  1. Half the battle is knowing when to stop. What a good example of that this is....