Sunday, November 4, 2012

Art In Instablility

You have to admit, times are tough. Jobs are difficult to keep and even more difficult to obtain. Tourism is decreasing either from fear or gas prices. Even our food does not seem to taste as good as it used to. Crime is up and we are all feeling a bit unstable. Do not get it the mind set that this is how our world will remain!
 It is my belief that thoughts do change your surroundings. Perhaps it is pure perception. Perhaps thoughts create physical energies that create actual events. Optimist do seem to have it easier than a realist.
So, how do we change our world with a thought? Well for example, when you feel down and hopeless can you create? Heck no! At least not very well, if at all. No creativity, no art, no sales, and so on. Think happy thoughts and BAM the creativity flows like white water rapids. Change your thoughts. See the world in a different light and eventually it will come into existence.
You may not feel encouraged at the moment when so much of the world seems to be reflecting negativity. But there is always an alternate path. The choice is yours.
This video will show you that life goes on even when we are unaware of our own possibilities. Take the time to watch it and you might just get inspired in one way or another.

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